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Taking care of a new piercing

Taking care of a new piercing

Cleaning :

To do so, you need to use sea water for nose for kids or collargol 2-3 times a day. Cotton buds need to be soaked in solution and then you can clean the area near piercings from each side. After complete healing of piercing you should still clean the area near the pierced place as a form of hygiene and doing what is best for your health.

In case of the swelling :

You need to infuse an oak bark (you can get one at the pharmacy) as per instruction on the back of a package. When it cools down you need to soak a gauze pad one or three times a day for 3 to 6 minutes.

What you should or should not do while having a new piercing?

You have to have clean hands while taking care of your piercings, you need to make sure about it.

You must not :

interfere with your stud, take it out, change it before the date gave by piercer, put a bandaid on it, go into the lake, sea, etc., put any cream on it, put makeup on it, touch it with dirty hands, go to a solarium, pressure place of piercing. Drinking alcohol, strong coffee or tea should be limited, especially during the day of getting pierced, because that wound can bleed and worsen the healing process.

In case of getting ears pierced :

Do not wear headphones, try to change your sheets more often than usually.


For 2-3 weeks try to avoid exercises for the stomach, belly, etc.Do not wear clothes that are too slinky. Taking care of an oral piercing


Through the time of healing, you need to sluice your oral cavity with a brew of the oak bark for 30 seconds, 2 – 3 times a day – so the pierced area will not be swollen. You should also sluice your oral cavity with alcohol-free mouthwash.

Food restrictions :

You should avoid eating products with active cultures of bacteria like yogurt or milk, etc. You should not eat anything that could be very seasoned, spicy, too hot or too cold. Do not eat anything sticky like pudding, etc. Do not suck any candies, do not drink alcohol, strong coffee or tea and do not smoke. What are things that you should not be doing during

process of healing :

Do not play with the stud! Try to avoid oral contact, even kisses on the cheek. Do not take out the stud and do not change it by yourself. YOU NEED TO CHECK ON THE LITTLE BALL OF THE STUD. More information about how to take care of your piercings you will find here >>>