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Rules of our tattoo studio

Rules of our tattoo studio Seven Sins Tattoo Poznan

● Client is obligated to get familiar with the rules.

● We only make tattoos for customers above 18 years old or 16 years old with signed permission from one of the parents.

● Studio guarantees sterile conditions – including sterile instruments needed to make tattoos. Every information about sterile conditions at our place you can get just by writing to us or at our tattoo shop.

● We do not make tattoos for people who are NOT sober – it includes everything, from alcohol to drugs

● Customers have absolutely no rights to touch a tattoo machine or things needed to make it, same goes for piercing stuff, etc. You can not touch anything at the artist zone.

● Estimated cost is coordinated with each customer individually during consultation or before your appointment. Tattoo value is determined by size, details, style and quantity of sessions needed for the artist to end the whole piece.

● Getting an appointment at our shop is really easy, you need to write to us via dm, call or visit our place.

● After setting the date for appointment every client is obligated to pay advance. Whole price of a tattoo includes your advance. Paying advance means that you accepted our statues.

● Advance is not given back, when :

● As a customer you resigned from your appointment and you will not get tattoo by our artist,

● As a customer you will be late for your appointment,

● As a customer you will not tell us about the need to change the appointment date – at least 7 day earlier.

● In these cases, advance is the artist’s payment for lost time, which he/she could use to do other clients’ ideas.

● Customer has the right to change his/hers session date, but not showing up for your appointment means that your advance is lost.

● We do not take responsibility for your mistakes during tattoo healing.

● Client is obligated to take seriously rules of taking care about tattoos that are healing.After you get your piece of art from us, we will tell you how to take care of it.

● Touch ups consequented on the need to polish tattoo after healing is done, are made for free – within the whole piece.

● Customer is obligated to inform us about allergies or illnesses that he/she has. Our

tattoo shop does not take responsibility for what happens if you do not tell us about your diseases.

● At our place you will get to know how to take good care of tattoos and you can buy

special cosmetics which will help the healing process.

● As a tattoo shop we invite you to a free consultation, which will help us with getting all

the details that the artist needs to make a unique tattoo.

● Every tattoo artist at our place can refuse to do tattoos without giving a reason. In that case advance is given back to you.

● Our tattoo shop does not take responsibility for possible migration of piercing,

complications as a result of hooking a piercing or neglecting the care of your piercing.

● Studio provides sterility of studs used for piercing.

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