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Piercing Poznań

Piercing Poznan – Tattoo Studio in Poznan

Piercing literally means to prick an ear, nose, etc and in polish culture that word is taken from an english language. Piercing is not something new, in fact its’ history goes for over thousands of years. Now piercing is done mostly, because of its aesthetic values and is being made in weirdest places. Back then piercing was done because of cultural meanings or because it determined financial position or position in a group. Piercings also played an important part in many rituals. Despite the fact that the meaning of piercing disappears, it gets more popular each year. That is why we would like to invite you to our studio Seven Sins Tattoo in Poznan.


Right now our tattoo studio is also a piercing studio. Piercing at our place is done by an experienced and professional piercer, who has been doing it for a lot of years now. She really knows what she is doing and has huge knowledge about that topic. At our tattoo shop we use titan G23 only, which is the safest kind of metal for piercings. Why? Because it is corrosion resistant, it does not sensitize and it goes in a variety of colors. We are trying our best to guarantee a 100% satisfaction for every client that visits our tattoo shop. Seven Sins Tattoo Poznań is a place where taking care of customers and highest quality are two most important things.


More informations about piercing types and its’ process of healing, etc. you can find here >>> At the beginning we would like to point out that we are not making microdermal, because of danger to life, which can be caused by a tough, long healing process that is hard to take care of really well. Our tattoo studio stands customer on the first place. There is so many types of piercings, but we would like to present you, which ones we are making :

● ear piercing – it is the most popular type and it is one of the oldests kinds of piercings,

● tragus – it is a small prick of the ear cartilage,

● helix – it is a prick of the ears cartilage upper part and it is more popular each year,

● daith – it is a prick of the lappet of ear cartilage,

● nostril/septum – it is a nose piercing and both are really popular throughout the years,

● labret/vertical labret – lower lip piercing, really popular because of its’ aesthetic values,

● medusa – part of skin over the higher lip is pierced here, but under the nose,

● monroe – name of this one honor famous beauty Marilyn Monroe and it is placed over the left part of the upper lip,

We also make brow piercings. Other placements of piercings can be discussed. Every one of listed kinds of piercings are being made in our studio, after making an appointment with our piercer. In case of any questions about the process of making a piercing or about the process of healing, you are welcome to visit us at a tattoo shop by Gorna Wilda in Poznań and ask.


Piercing Poznań – reasons why you should pick our tattoo shop

While getting piercings, you will be at the safe and sterile place and only the best and sterile stuff is used during the treatment. We will take care of your good mood, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Piercings and studs are no strange topic for us, so our piercer has really huge knowledge and is ready to help. Process of getting a piercing is really short, maybe about a few minutes. It is really important not to scare yourself with thinking about pain or something, everyone feels pain differently. Are you looking for a professionalist, who will make you a good piercing? – Poznań If you are interested in getting a new stud or your first one, we would like to invite you to contact us. Write to us what is your preferred placement and we will find a date for your appointment. You can find any information about piercings at our tattoo shop, social media or on our website. We especially invite you to a consultation, which is free and we are waiting for you from Monday to Sunday.