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Good tattoo artist in Poznań – our artists

There is not even one fine tattoo studio without a skilled tattoo artist. That is why at our place in Poznan you will meet only professional tattoo artists, who are extremely talented people. The crew of Seven Sins Tattoo consists of experienced artists with many years of practice, but you can find here really promising practicing tattooers also. Every one of them works in his/hers individual style and it lets them design the best and the most unique tattoos. Lower on this site you will see short biograms about every one of the best tattoo artists and links to the tattoos they have made.

What are the qualities of a fine tattoo master?

Tattoos decorate your bodies for your whole lives, that is why you should find a talented tattooer, so you will not regret getting that tattoo. While completing searching for an amazing crew to our tattoo shop by Gorna Wilda, we picked tattoo artists with the best qualities and talent only. We made sure that our place consists with fantastic people, who are helpful, professional and kind to everyone.

At Seven Sins Tattoo you can count on :

● Individual contact with every customer and unique style of the tattoos. That

● means every artist is making a design in their own style and technique, but

● they match it to your tattoo idea.

● Nice and casual atmosphere, because tattooer takes care of you – your comfort

● and mood.

● Professionalism stands for talented tattooers and the highest standard of sterility

● of our place and equipment.

● Possibility of looking at our pieces of art – you can see the most of our tattoo artists


● and later you can send some of them as an examples for your own tattoo.

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